The protests on 21st Jan.


Picture above: The quite obvious protest held worldwide on 21st of January, the new U.S. president Trump.


Picture above: The less obvious and could be unknown protest held some part of the world on 21st of January, the long-lasting Zimbabwean president of Mugabe.


Because the U.S. and its president have more influence toward the rest of the world, it is quite understandable that the new and troublesome one gets a lot of attention. However, for some people, the other one have more influence toward their life, right, and everything else.

I thought I was lucky to be able to witness both protests, or more like campaigns, to remind that the new U.S. president is not the only big issue the rest of the world should be paying attention to, though pretty much all the news media are busy catching up with the latest “tweets” and “comments” made quite roughly.


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