This is one of the highlight from the event “Africa Utopia” at Southbank centre.
It is directed by Teddy Goitom, who has both European an African origin (So called Euro-frican) and two others. (Sorry I only heard about him in the discussion)
The film represents the ongoing sub-cultural revolution and development in Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Angola. The overall impression was very powerful and positive. All the artists introduced in the film have their own story, their motivation, their obstacles, and their hopes and desires. Scenes of slum were not taken with the excessive manner or the exaggeration of poverty, but like something usual for them. The documentary is created in the way the participants (artists in there) want it to be. There was no crying over poverty or inequality between men and women, or lack of resources to realize ones dream, or any kinds of negative exaggeration which Western (and Japanese too) tend to put in the documentary about Africa. Yes they do mention their obstacles but still show their strength to move forward. Of course this does not necessarily represent the Africa, where the continent is massive and things are more complex and complicated than the outsider like me would think. However, I liked it and recommend you to have a look at their webpage.