News Impact Summit London –The social impact of digital storytelling–

These are quotes that impressed me / hit the point(s) from the News Impact Summit London held on June 5th, 2015

*Some of them contain additional words to supplement the meaning



Everything is digital now, it is time to not return past but return fundamental. –Charlie Beckett, Polis at LSE


◆Looking back #GE2015 : From the leading UK media perspectives 


In terms of digital era, some of the media website (for 2015 general election in UK) was beautifully designed, and “went wrong very beautifully.” –Miranda Green, Newsweek Europe, contributing editor


The Paradox of “More media information than ever before, but it gets misleading.” –Charlie Beckett, Polis at LSE


84% of all traffic (to BBC election report page) came from mobile and tablet –Steve Herrmann, BBC news online


“There is a danger of confirmation bias on digital media” –Miranda Green, Newsweek Europe, contributing editor


Getting story and getting audience is the same goal –Steve Herrmann, BBC news online


Media can overestimate sophistication of citizens –Miranda Green, Newsweek Europe, contributing editor


◆From data gathering to visual storytelling 


Data journalism is nothing new –Megan Lucero, The times and Sunday Times


Journalistic eye is essential when looking at data –Megan Lucero, The times and Sunday Times


In data journalism, we are “interviewing on data, like interviewing people out” –Frederik Ruys, Nederland van Boven (VPRO)


fundamental tips for writings and blogging

fundamental tips for writings and blogging

◆Engagement through data for better storytelling by 


“Writers should know how their stories perform on social.” –Allison Rockey, Engagement editor,


“Sensational headlines do get clicks but that headline underdelivers the story.”–Allison Rockey, Engagement editor,


Overall impression and thought out of the summit: Even when the digital technology around media is developing in such rapid pace, the content and stories are still traditional. However, there is a wide variety of delivery method and representation of stories, also the possibility of media is expanding. Compared to the traditional media like TV and news, the audience of social media and news sites are rather hidden or difficult to estimate. Nonetheless, in anyways, great stories will be read and shared.

所感:デジタル技術がものすごい速さで進化する中でも、報道の内容はこれまでとなんら変わりがない。ただ、届ける方法や見せ方が多様化しており、可能性も高まっている。既存の新聞やテレビに比べ、ソーシャルメディアやニュースサイトでは読み手を憶測しづらくなっている。 それでも心を打つ記事や話であれば読む人は読むし、シェアする人はシェアをする。


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