a frog and hot water

Metaphor of frog and hot water, brought by my friend made me think about Japanese citizens and the situation of nuclear contamination from Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

When a frog was put in a boiling water, it will jump out because of intolerable heat. But when a frog is put in a cold water which its temperature increases little by little, the frog will not realize the upcoming threat and die.

We cannot visually see the existence of contamination without geiger counter.

When we get so used to live with news of nuke contamination leak and all other related ones, our sense of threat will be numb, the voice of those against the facility may lose the power and even cease.

Both mainstream and alternative media provides their own ‘geiger counter’ to their audience:the news and information of threat and safety with their own discourse.


We cannot perfectly figure out which is true and false. All we can do is to maintain our own index and follow our own belief, no matter what kind of result it may lead to.


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